Omnicon Constructions

Since 1976 Omnicon Constructions has been involved in some of the most prominent projects around Melbourne. Across every part of the industry our team have experience building high end homes, complex renovations, multi residential apartment projects, cafes, restaurants and industrial developments.


Long term relationships have proven to reward Omnicon with a referral based business.

Many of our contractors and clients have been working with Omnicon for over 25 years and love every new project we work on.


In an industry where you are only as good as your last project we believe we get better with every project.

Our focus is to deliver the best quality and the best service.


Rodney Efron has been a director with Omnicon since the 1980s and has worked with many of the best architects and sub-contractors in Melbourne.

His attention to detail and design stems from his education as an architect. His knowledge has been built from direct site management, where he visits each project on a daily basis.

Rodney’s approach to building is unique as he enjoys the process from being on site making sure every element of a project is properly planned, detailed and implemented from the ground up.


Dave Skurnik worked with Omnicon through hist studies of Construction management at Melbourne University.

with a family background in architecture and building, details and design has been bred into his life from an early age.

After working with Omnicon for 12 years Dave became a director in 2018 to continue the Omnicon legacy for another 40+ years.

Ensuring everyone has a fun and exciting time on every project Dave provides an extraordinary energy to his projects on a daily basis.


With a proud history of projects still glistening around Melbourne and a new focus on the future, Omnicon continue to stand out as a premier building and development company offer a unique building experience.



Do you have an exciting project in the pipeline?

Omnicon can offer an end to end experience from inception to handover.

Our very highly qualified and experienced team of contractors and sub contractors have designed, tested and built every form and function.

Through design meetings, on site trials and implementation we are involved in every part of the building process and bring our clients along for the ride.

Design and Construct

Many projects require a builder and design team to work closely together to achieve the best outcomes.

We can offer a design and construct project to achieve the highest and best use on any project.

With experience managing all consultants and authorities we can offer our best team to create, design and build your next dream project


Location, Location, Location

Over the past 40 years Omnicon have developed many different projects of all scales.

When it comes to luxury and timeless developments our team know how to create a building that fits in with your property, neighbourhood and budget.


Dave loves a coffee and getting to know new people.

If you’re in the area and want to talk about property and building there is always an opportunity to get to know Dave one on one.